Green tea

Good tea as pretty lady

Green tea is first discovered and used by our ancestors. It is also the most productive and most widely-consumed, known as the "national drinks". There are numerous famous brands of green tea, such as Dragon Well and Biluochun. Green tea is of the gentle and reserved nature, and the liquid is clean and chilly with quiet fragrant aroma, giving prople a green and quiet enjoyment. It is ideal for sips. What's more, green tea has more significant health effects than other kinds of tea.

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  • Glass Lid - 1000ml
    This glass lid fit for our 1000ml glass teapot. ..
  • Glass Lid - 600ml
    This glass lid is fit for our 600ml glass teapot. ..
  • Gunpowder Green tea
    Gunpowder green tea is made by steaming the tea leaves and tightly rolling them into small pellets, which are then dried. It doesn’t contain any gunpowder. Rolling the tea into balls helps to preserve the freshness of the leaves. Since this tea is Pamela Gentry. Pamela Gentry is a professi..
  • High mountain Green Tea
    Like sunlight sparkling through leaves, refreshing bright clear green cup with strong flavor and crisp finish. This tea was grown in the misty billows of our 2500ft high mountaintop tea field, and comes from the rarest type of green tea plant. The finished tea  leaves are ..
  • Jasmine Tea
    Jasmine tea is the true king of all flavored teas thanks to its delicate sweetish taste and sensuous aroma. Drink it hot or cold, plain or in a combination with other flavors, or use for simple yet unusual and totally delicious recipes. Our Jasmine tea is made from good quality green tea leaves w..
  • Matcha
    Matcha refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea. Matcha has also come to be used to flavour and dye foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of wagashi. Our Matcha is a fine ground, powdered, high- quality green tea. One cup of Matcha tea is equal to the nutrit..