Teaware and Accessories

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  •  Bamboo cup mat
    Bamboo Mat is an ideal tool for serving under your favorite tea set on a tabletop or tea table. Bamboo Mat can be easily wiped off or rinsed under running water and then dried.  Detailed Product Description   Bamboo tea cup mat, Bamboo Kung fu tea set  1)Use: Kung fu tea set..
  •  Bamboo Tea scoop
    Tea Scoop carved from natural bamboo, great for larger unrolled leaves. This product made by hands. ..
  •  Bamboo tea tray (M)
    Bamboo Tea Trays: Chinese tea-service requires pouring away the water used to warm the teapot, tea brewer and cups, Because of this, slatted trays with a water collection basin emerged to make it easier to serve tea. This bamboo tea ceremony tray comes with a removable plastic w..
  •  Glass Mug with strainer
    Our Glass Tea Infuser mug is elegant, robust and extremely easy to use. Constructed using the highest quality borosilicate glass to allow you to see the beautiful colours of the leaves and infusion as you prepare your tea. We design all of our tea ware to help you create fantastic tea experienc..
  •  Pyrex tea pot 600ml
    Our unique, hand-blown glass teapots are made from Borosilicate glass, which tends to be stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glassware. They are the perfect tool for enjoying loose tea. The roomy removable filter allows tealeaves to expand and provide full infusion of the leaves...
  • Bamboo Tea kit
    These Tea Tools are the ideal companions to Chinese artisan tea sets. Each tool is made of bamboo, which can endure high temperatures and will not scratch delicate surfaces. For centuries, bamboo has been held with high regard as an exceptional resource for both its durability and beauty. Unlik..