Oolong tea

lingering fragrance in the purple clay teapot after seven infusions

Oolong tea, also known as dark tea, is a kind of half-fermented tea with distinctive features in the tea category. It has not only the thick and fresh flavor of red tea, but also the fragrant aroma of green tea. Meanwhile, it is between non-fermented tea and fermented tea. Its aftertaste is sweet and fragrant. Among the six tea series, the tea ceremony of Oolong tea is the most complex and time-consuming and the brewing method is very exquisite, so Oolong tea is also called "Gonfu" tea.

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  • Ginseng Oolong Tea
    Ginseng Oolong Tea is our premium and fine oolong tea powdered with ginseng roots. Ginseng Oolong Tea rich taste and its sweet aftertaste make this a very desirable scented tea. Many new tea drinkers have found Ginseng Oolong Tea very delicious. Definitely, a great tea for someone who just starting ..
  • Huang Jin Gui
    This tea is one of the four famous Anxi Oolong along with Tie Guan Yin. The name Huang Jin Gui means "Golden Osmanthus", which is earned through the golden liquor its yellowish green leaves infused into, and for its distinct Osmanthus flower-like aroma. Truly a treat not to be missed.  Healt..
  • Milk Oolong
    Milk Oolong Tea produced a light yellowish liquid with milky sweet aroma and smooth and sweet lingering taste. Milk Oolong Tea is a very special hand processed tea from China. Milk Oolong Tea is produced from tea leaves at certain time, temperature, altitude, soil conditions to get the milky silky t..
  • Tie Guan Yin (Oolong)
    This Oolong Tea is always in demand because of its unique elegance taste. It is one of Chinese top ten tea. This Oolong Tea is a nong xiang tea which simply means thick and heavy fragrance. In other words, this Oolong tea has a heavy fruity and deep floral fragrance. This tea is suitable. for someon..
  • Tie Guan Yin Oolong - Grade
    This tea is located at the altitude between 800-1200m mountain Anxi, China. It provides the perfect mixture of high altitude, moisture and rich soil to grow  this tea . The leaves is tighter than others and with a heavy body. This boutique Oolong tea has a lasting fresh fragrance. Health ..